Consolidated Cable Services, Communication Services Provider in Texas, California and Florida

Providing the HIGHEST QUALITY acquisition, retention, recovery and field fulfillment
services for the BIGGEST NAMES IN CABLE.


At Consolidated Cable, we want to make sure that we not only fulfill all of your cable contracting needs, but that we surpass your expectations. From our front-line field collectors to our local operations staff to the executives in our corporate office, we are at your service with the most responsive team in the industry. Our full range of services include, but is not limited to:

Comprehensive Acquisition, Retention and Recovery Services

Specialists in the three most vital areas of your business, Consolidated Cable dedicated to delivering bottom-line results including:

• Increasing basic penetration and advanced products
• Maximizing customer retention
• Reducing non-pay disconnect
• Increasing converter recovery
• Reducing bad debt
• Improving plant integrity

Door-to-Door Sales

While the cable industry continues to lead the way in the high definition TV, high-speed internet and digital phone services, the competition for customers has reached a fevered pitch— increasing the demand for quality door-to-door personnel to market, acquire, retain and win back customers. With this in mind, we have developed the most effective training processes and have set the highest quality standards. Our sales force is focused on:

• Video, Internet, Voice
• Customer loyalty through product bundling
• Competitive Win Backs
• Enhanced client image with professional representation

Non-pay Field Collections

We are dedicated to effectively recovering outstanding balances and saving the customer prior to disconnect. Our field retention philosophy is a simple one: maximum contact attempts = maximum contact = maximum results. Consolidated Cable field collection specialists are required to make a minimum of eight at the door contact attempts during a typical five day collection cycle and during days, nights or on weekends.

Converter Recovery (at disconnect and post disconnect)

We are committed to reducing client converter losses, thus reducing capital costs. We make every effort to recover converters at the time of disconnect and post disconnect, making multiple attempts to contact the customer day, nights, and weekends.

Voluntary Saves

Few companies have as aggressive a retention program as Consolidated Cable. We take time to understand each customer’s situation and have put programs in place to maximize retention for each scenario. We are mindful to cut subscriber churn to the absolute minimum by saving customers that would otherwise disconnect. No one rolls out the red carpet like we do in our efforts to keep customers signed on.

Non-pay and Voluntary Disconnects

After making every effort to keep the customer active, we disconnect the subscriber in adherence to your specifications, policies and in accordance with agreed upon time frames.

System Audits

We have proven systems to identify unauthorized viewers and convert them into paying customers. We are also vigilant in correcting data base errors and terminating open ports.


Our certified, professional installers offer turnkey services for CDV, Internet, Dish Win Back, etc. They handle a wide-range of special projects, converter change-outs, upgrades of all kinds and natural disaster recovery.


Whether it’s for cable TV, high-speed internet, or digital voice (phone) service, our installers are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology and know-how. Using workforce management devices such WFX (Workforce Express), TechNet, Mobil DOCIS, Symbol devices and tablets such as IPads, our field reps are able to work more efficiently and communicate with clients from the field. We’re also able to compile information on KPIs (key performance indicators) and measure performance categories. Count on us for data, voice and video services including design, installation certification, and maintenance of structured cabling networks.

Certified Premise Wiring

Consolidated Cable meets and exceeds EIA/TIA 568A & NEC standards for premise wiring, and we provide test and certification documentation for Fiber Optic, Category 5e and 6. We offer 24-hour service as well as service contracts. Since we emphasize quality over price, we've partnered with the best manufacturers in the voice and data premise wiring industry to bring you the most reliable equipment available. Count on us for services including:

• Voice and Data Cabling Category 5, 5e & 6, Proposed Cat 7
• Fiber optic wiring for horizontal, backbone & outside plant
• Coaxial cabling for CATV and CCTV
• Cable Management
• Testing and trouble shooting UPS systems
• Consulting/Estimating/ Design/Engineering
• Adds, moves and changes

• Security


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“With a proven track record of consistently outperforming the competition, clients can rest assured that their reputation is in the very best hands.” — John L. Marks, President